check site simple

Our monitoring-plugin check_site_simple provides your monitoring system with an easy to configure but nevertheless powerful check for websites. This check monitors the content of a complete site and alarms for multiple anomalies such as:

  • missing content
  • unwanted content
  • broken links


The program check_site_simple is a Nagios-compatible monitoring plugin to regularly test all pages of a website for their content and presentation being correct. It is meant to be used as part of monitoring systems like Icinga, Nagios (Core), op5 or Shinken.

Based on user-defined presets it can automatically detect erroneous, whether accidental or deliberate, website defacements in real-time and before they irritate your customers or users.


check_site_simple monitors:

  • if a whole site (not just single pages) is online

  • if each page has a predefined content e.g. a contact phone-number, legal comments, copyright statements.

  • if a specific content (like an outdated phone-number or a non-valid company-name) is not present

  • if broken links to either internal or external resources exist

Thanks to an integrated crawler a whole site can be monitored by just providing the start-page to the plugin.

Customer Benefits

Keeping a complex, steadily changing website free of errors is nearly impossible if done manually by human beings.

  • check_site_simple automates this process. This method is an important cornerstone for a perfect, error-free web representation of your organization.

  • User-frustrating failures can be detected in real time and before they confront the user.

  • Thanks to the prompt, clear and precise, communication of the failure, the fix can occur faster and with less effort or stress than when responding to a failure report you may get from an already frustrated customer.


In 2022 we are planning to release a JavaScript enhanced Version check_site_pro, which will be able to monitor complex web-applications as well.