E-Series Checks

Suite of Nagios-compatible monitoring plugins for NetApps E-Series devices running SANtricity software.


The program Check E-Series is a Nagios-compatible monitoring plugin to regularly run checks against storage systems from NetApps E-Series platform running the SANtricity OS. It is meant to be used as part of monitoring systems like Icinga, Nagios (Core), op5 Monitor or Shinken.


At the moment Check E-Series monitors:

  • the health-state
  • free disk-pool space (for thin volumes)
  • network interface cards (NIC)

More checks are coming soon. Feel free to request your E-Series check by sending us an email (developer@monitoring-plugins.pro).

Customer Benefits

The plugins allow you to have the entire range of e-series components and their statuses inside of your overall system-monitoring.

  • Check E-Series runs the built in health-checks automatically and actively warns your storage admins according to your organizations notification policy.

  • No need to define and maintain contacts and notifications periods again in a second place.


Testing versions of Check E-Series are already available, the first stable version is planned to be released in Summer 2021. Enhancements will be added based on customer feedback.