Professional Monitoring Plugins

Professionally developed and maintained plugins for Nagios-compatible monitoring systems like Icinga, op5, Nagios Core/XI and Shinken.

Monitoring Operators

Provided Monitoring-Plugins

As of today we have the following monitoring-plugins available or in the pipeline.


Monitors almost any aspect of NetApps FAS filers by using the NetApp API (ZAPI). We started to develop these plugins in 2007. The checks have been extensively extended over the years mostly based on requests from our customers.

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Provides your monitoring system with an easy to configure but nevertheless powerful check for websites. This check monitors the content of a complete site and alarms for many anomalies like:

You will find more details at


This is the planned (2020) but not yet available ancestor of check_site_simple with the ability to check also websites built on JavaScript.

Are you missing something?

We always have an open ear for requests. If you have a need to monitor something but did not find a suitable plugin here, just drop us a note and we will see if we can help.

Where to buy?

All of our monitoring plugins are distributed by

Quorum Distribution GmbH
Währinger Straße 12/9
1090 Vienna, AUSTRIA
phone: +43 1 5810 5820

For any inquiries concerning prices and trial-versions please contact the above mentioned distributor.

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