Factsheet check_site_simple

The program check_site_simple is a Nagios-compatible monitoring plugin to regularly test all pages of a website for their content and presentation being correct.


check_site_simple can monitor:

Thanks to an integrated crawler a whole site can be monitored by just providing the start-page to the plugin.

Customer Benefits

Keeping a complex, steadily changing website free of errors manually is nearly impossible but check_site_simple automates this process. This method is an important cornerstone for a perfect, error-free web representation of your organization.

User-frustrating failures can be detected in real time and before they confront the user. Thanks to the prompt, clear and precise, communication of the failure, the fix can occur faster and with less effort or stress than when responding to a failure report you may get from an already frustrated customer.


A first test-version is already available, the first stable version is planned for release in November 2019. Enhancements will be added based on customer feedback.

In 2020 we are planning to release a JavaScript enhanced Version (check_site_pro), which will be able to monitor complex web-applications as well.

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